Other People’s Pain, Other People’s Joy…….

On Thursday morning last week I woke up with an intense pain in my chest. It caused me to hug Phoebe’s reindeer which I’ve taken to bed for comfort for months now, tighter, desperately wishing for the pain to subside. I knew I would have to take things slowly, breathe deeply and just accept that it wouldn’t be possible to … More Other People’s Pain, Other People’s Joy…….

What Lies Beneath

So after weeks of keeping it together, I cried at work…….. The mask slipped and a glimpse of what lies beneath was laid bare for all to see and I felt exposed and anxious. A simple picture of a Minion with a Chiquita banana in a presentation triggered memories of Phoebe all dressed up in a … More What Lies Beneath

Run Ralph Run!

Sat in the pub waiting for our niece and her husband on Good Friday, Ralph asked me whether I felt he gave me enough support. I couldn’t understand why he might think I thought he didn’t, but he went on to explain “well you don’t write much about me in your blog, you just said … More Run Ralph Run!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day loomed large on the calendar. There was no escaping it, there was a large poster outside our local pub advertising Mother’s Day lunches and front of store supermarket displays of gifts, cards and flowers were everywhere, even in my understated favourite, Waitrose.  My inbox saw a steady influx of emails from Moonpig, Marks & Spencer, Boots and … More Mother’s Day

Two Hearts

“Two hearts, believing in just one mind, beating together till the end of time…..” “Phil Collins” I hear you say, “She’s quoting Phil Collins?”…….. “It’s a jive” I explain, one which the dance school used to use a lot, I’ve danced to it many times and I’m sure I must have danced to it with Ralph. … More Two Hearts