My Journey

The last of the firsts….

It's October 8th, the leaves are falling and all of the "firsts" have now been ticked off bar one, the anniversary of the balloon release I did with the children, her friends. One day in late October 2016 we released pink balloons in the park behind our house just a couple of weeks or so after the celebration of her… Continue reading The last of the firsts….

My Journey

Other People’s Pain, Other People’s Joy…….

On Thursday morning last week I woke up with an intense pain in my chest. It caused me to hug Phoebe's reindeer which I've taken to bed for comfort for months now, tighter, desperately wishing for the pain to subside. I knew I would have to take things slowly, breathe deeply and just accept that it wouldn't be possible to… Continue reading Other People’s Pain, Other People’s Joy…….

My Journey

Climbing the Stairs to No Where….

February, I have never particularly liked February; such a dour month, sandwiched between January and March, it’s cold and grey; the festive season is but a memory and we shiver and dig in, heads down, making our way through each day waiting for Spring, warmer weather and looking forward to better things. I know it… Continue reading Climbing the Stairs to No Where….