My Journey

Climbing the Stairs to No Where….

February, I have never particularly liked February; such a dour month, sandwiched between January and March, it’s cold and grey; the festive season is but a memory and we shiver and dig in, heads down, making our way through each day waiting for Spring, warmer weather and looking forward to better things. I know it… Continue reading Climbing the Stairs to No Where….

My Journey

Never Forget

On Sunday , 11th December, The Compassionate Friends held their annual Worldwide Candle Lighting. Bereaved parents all over the world lit candles at 7pm in memory of their lost sons & daughters. The charity also organises public ceremonies, one of which I attended at Bolton Parish Church, Lancashire. It was a beautiful, emotional but also comforting experience. Everyone… Continue reading Never Forget

My Journey

The Hollow Man & The Angry Woman

It was Ralph's birthday last weekend. I knew it would be hard. The best bit of birthdays since having Phoebe was her getting in bed in between us in the morning to help us open our cards. Phoebe snuggling in was actually something Ralph enjoyed every morning. Before they got dressed they always shared a Peppa… Continue reading The Hollow Man & The Angry Woman