The Girl Who’s Not There

I miss her hair

Her beautiful hair

The beautiful hair

Of the girl who’s not there.


I miss her bottom

She’d wiggle it bare.

With a cheeky giggle

The girl who’s not there.


I sit in her room

So full and yet bare

The empty room,

Of the girl who’s not there.


My arms feel a void,

I long for a cuddle

Special times to share

With the girl who’s not there.


I wake in the morning

Still thinking she’s there

I listen for her,

The girl who’s not there.


I watch her friends play,

They laugh without care,

I wish she could join them,

The girl who’s not there.


As day turns to night,

I turn out the light

And whisper, sleep tight,

To the girl who’s not there.

Claire Casson 2016



Put the light on for me Mummy,

It’s too dark to go to bed.

Put the CD on Mummy,

Stand there right by my head.

Hold my hand Mummy,

Until I go to sleep.

A little squeeze, I’m still awake Mummy,

Stay longer, don’t creep

Out of my room Mummy.

Roll over, I say,

You always fall asleep better that way

Ok, I’ll try Mummy…..

I still can’t sleep Mummy,

Get in and snuggle me Mummy,

I’ll make room for you Mummy.

I climb in, the bed creaks.

Cuddle me Mummy, stay with me until I’m asleep.


What I’d give for one more night,

To turn on your light,

To hold your hand,

To squeeze it tight.

I’d watch you gently fall asleep.

Out of your room, I would not creep.

If I could have just one more day,

I promise I wouldn’t sneak away.

I’d tuck you in,

I’d kiss your head.

I’d stay right there, beside your bed…

Claire Casson 2016.