Useful Sources Of Support 

It’s a tough lonely road when you find yourself having become a bereaved Parent. Please see below a number of sources and support:

The Compassionate Friends UK: A marvellous charity supporting bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents with support groups, weekend retreats, their helpline etc. The Compassionate Friends are also very active in the USA

Child Bereavement UK:

Anam Cara: An Irish based charity supporting bereaved parents.

2 wish upon a star: . Sadly the support for parents in the immediate aftermath of the loss of a child suddenly is hit and miss, dependent on the hospital. Founded by Rhian Burke in memory of her son George and her husband Paul, this marvellous charity works towards supporting parents bereaved suddenly and traumatically in Wales with an emphasis on immediate support for both parents and siblings and the provision of professional counselling services.

Brightest Star: Founded in memory of Jack Kennedy who lost his life suddenly aged 5, this charity provides support for bereaved parents in Scotland with support groups in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Love Jasmine A Liverpool based charity focussed on supporting bereaved parents in memory of 6 year old Jasmine. 

Once Upon A smile: .A Manchester based charity with a national remit which provides a variety of support services for families after the loss of a loved one.

Winstons wish: This charity provides help for anyone supporting a bereaved child or young person. When Phoebe died, her young friends had to face loss far too early in their young lives. I know some of her friends parents sought advice from this charity about how to support and talk to them.